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Producing the best quality products is our most firm commitment and action, led by the QA department, with the full participation of all functional departments, from the procurement of raw materials, inspection, process control and product release, the implementation of quality control in every link.

QA functions:

Quality audit: audit raw material suppliers to ensure the quality and quantity of raw material supply; Complete customer audits to ensure that our quality and service satisfy customers.

Quality control: Strict requirements and implementation from five aspects of “human, machine, material, method, environment”

Verification management: mainly refers to the verification system, such as: cleaning verification, process verification, equipment verification, analysis method verification, etc..

QC functions:

QC department provides comprehensive analysis services from raw materials to final products, including analysis method development and validation, testing and release, impurities analysis, solvent residue analysis, analytical instrument validation, cleaning validation, compound structure identification, chiral compound separation, etc. A variety of advanced analysis equipment and high-quality professional analysis team provide effective analysis guarantee for product quality.

QC has established a perfect quality control process. Based on CHP, ICH guidelines and ISO9001, QC has established the internal control index management specifications of the company, covering the analysis standards of raw materials, intermediates and final products, effectively ensuring the products quality

Baynoe has successfully passed the ISO9001 certification.