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The core business and competitive advantages of Baynoe Chem are always based on its own unique technology and many years of synthesis experience. The company has successfully provided customized synthesis services for many well-known domestic and foreign companies (such as Samsung, LG), and has earned a reputation for completing even the most challenging synthesis.

The company has established R&D centers in Suzhou and Nantong respectively with a R&D team of 32 people and develops hundreds of new products every year. The R&D center has HPLC, GC, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, NMR, Melting point apparatus and other analytical instruments, which can ensure qualified and high-quality product supply.

We are good at below reactions:

Amination,Chlorometorylation,Cyanation,Esterification,Friedel-Crafts Reaction,

Grignard Reaction,Heterocyclization,Hydrogenation,Hotmann Reaction, Nitration,Oxidation,Photohalogenation,Witting Reaction.

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